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    2011 - 02.08

    That’s what every stylist loves to hear, change is what we are good at and what we love.  Here’s the hitch though, we’ve been coloring your hair for a couple of months now.  We’ve taken you from a medium blonde to a fabulous auburn brown, and now you are having thoughts of eventually going back to your oringinal color. 

    There is no one way to do this, and there are so many possibilities for getting exactly what you want out of the visit.  The first part would be client consultation, it is very imporant for your stylist to know your expectations about the final look.  Do you want to go back to your original or natural color, are you open to variations of your natural color, or lighter than the natural level?  All of which require anywhere from and hour to three hours depending on the length of your hair.  

    The first process utilizes a color stripper and will remove the majority of all color in your hair.  The majority of the time, the hair will require some amount of toning to be able to return the hair to the natural color.  Color strippers have greatly improved as hair technology has improved and leave the hair in a manageable condition.  The timing is very dependent on the type of color used and the processing time and could be as much as 3 hours with a style and cut.  The overall affect will a uniform color and can easily be maintained if the ends or mid shaft lengths lighten at all. 

    The second process is highlighting the hair heavily, leaving portions of the darker color in the hair.  The process normally utilizes bleach and foil packets in the hair, although individual stylists may prefer different methods depending on the hair condition and timing.  Depending on the natural hair color, a toner might be needed to achieve a uniforma color.  The overall look would be the natural hair color with low lights.

    The final option is time intensive and involves foiling every hair, and depending on the natural color on the scalp bleach would be used.  This process may take as much as three hours to perform including a cut and style.  Since the process involves bleach, a condition treatment is highly recommended.  The hair will end up looking like heavily highlighted hair to blonde. 

    These are just three options that are available and the actual processes vary.  The main things to remember are: 

    1) The consultation is extrememly important, know about what you want and be willing to listen to options available.  This starts with your first phone call to the salon, make sure the receptionist knows that you are wanting a change. 

    2) The condition of your hair is dependent on the products you are using. Quality conditioners and conditioning treatments are highly recommended for the day you come in. 

    3) Time is important to us as well as to you, be prepared to sit anywhere between an hour and three hours.  We can not deliver an exceptional service if we are rushed.

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