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    2011 - 03.08

    Spring is just around the corner and we are already seeing changes here in the salon. We love it when a client walks in with a picture and says they want something different. Communication is so important in the hair styling business. Hair is so different from person to person, what might work on your thick curly hair might not work on another’s dense fine hair.

    Some things to think about when you are selecting a fresh spring style:
    1) What is the texture of your hair? Are you naturally curly? Are you looking at others with the same texture you have? Are you looking at celebrities? Celebrities often wear hair pieces and extensions, so keep in mind what is possible working with what you have.
    2) What is your motivation for a change, and what do you want to accomplish? We try our best not to do emotional “major” changes…in our business hair grows back, luckily.
    3) Make sure you talk to your stylist about maintenance. Going from chin length to a pixie will require different products and different maintenance.

    We are sure here at Altered Image that we can accomplish the best spring change for you, come in and experience an Altered Image today!

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