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    2011 - 11.10

    There is an art to blow drying hair, from the product you use to the tools that you use.  I had a guest yesterday express concern over being able to re-create the hair style when she gets home.  Instead of hurrying through the blow dry, I took the extra time to show her exactly how the blow dry should be done.  I had just learned a new hair cut in a Redken class, and she wanted to try out a longer version.

    The first step in this particular style was to apply product.  The hair is different as you move from the root to the ends.  The roots are softer and the hair becomes harder as you move to the midshaft.  Product provides consistant control and texture when applied evenely from roots to ends.  Product should be applied at the ends first and then work to the roots.

    The next step is blow dry the roots.  The way I prefer to blow dry the roots is using a flat brush and blow directly at the roots going from side to side, making sure not to direct the hair up or down.  Do this all over the head, the top part of the head should be blown from left to right and then right to left.  This technique reduces volume at the scalp, if you want to add volume blow dry the sides and back up, and the top back.

    The next step is to pin up the crown area, the sides  and divide the back into three sections.  Blow dry the nape area first, either using a round brush or a flat brush, depeding on if you want curly or straight.  Blow dry each section individually, and if you want more curls then divide each seciton further.  I generally go through after each section is completely dry and mess it up, put some hair spray on and then go back with my fingers and place the hair where I want it to go.

    That is the long way…most of my clients will not take the time to do that.  It takes me 20 minutes to do a proper blow dry.  To save some time, blow dry the hair as you normally would and then go back with a curling iron or flat iron and tame the tresses that way.  Either works, it really depends on the time and energy you want to spend on your hair.

    We never mind teaching someone our tricks of the trade, so if something doesn’t make sense, ask.  We look forward to seeing you the next time you come in the salon!

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