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    Redken 5th Ave. Cut & Know Why, The One Length Bob

    2012 - 02.14

    We were all warned this morning about being overwhelmed with
    information, and that was no lie.  There
    was so much that was covered in such a short amount of time, and everything
    that was such a wonderful refresher of some of the basics of cosmetology.

    The basics covered today were the principles of design,
    ranging from shape to lines.  Although
    these are not new concepts, they are concepts that always need refreshing to
    ensure better services.

    The haircut that was covered today was a simple one length
    bob, but it was a totally different take on what I normally do for a one length
    bob.  There are so many nuances about the
    bob that we have to account for, and guest consultation is so important to
    figure out what works best for the guest.

    The hardest part of class today was being open to a new
    concept.  In my practice at the salon, I
    generally don’t section as much as we did in class.  However, I learned that proper sectioning
    (accounting for changes in the head shape and hair movement) is essential for
    completing the proper bob.  After doing
    the bob the same way for almost 5 years, it is interesting to be able to take
    the skills I have learned in today’s class back to the salon.

    I have already decided who I get to practice on, and I can’t
    wait!  I look forward to another day