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    2012 - 03.10

    It’s all about the details.  Do you notice that this hair cut is two very different cuts?  Do you notice that there is an intentional line of demarcation in this hair color, and that there are actually three colors in the hair?  If the hair were styled differently, would you notice?L


    How would this hair cut work for you?  Could you take bits and pieces of each part of this cut or any other hair cut and apply it to your hair style?

    One guest came in and wants a specific cut and a specific look.  The front of the hair (from the ear forward) is cut completely differently then the back of the hair.  Both hair cuts are wonderful, but essentially they are two seperate and distinct cuts.  What is your style?  What defines you?  What do you want to do when you walk out of the salon?  Let us know what you want.


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