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    New Color

    2013 - 02.20

    Have you tried our new color yet?  If not then make sure to ask us how we can improve your color.

    We introduced all Redken color in January, and are loving the new system.  Although we certainly miss our Logics, we are seeing fantastic results with Redken.  Our Redken color system includes two types of permanent color, a semi-permanent color and a demi-permanent color.

    Here are the improvements that we are seeing so far:  The colors are multidimensional, the technology of Rekden has naturally reflective coverage.  The hair is conditioned and feels wonderful, the color includes argan oil, cationic conditioning polymers and rice proteins to revitalize the hair and neutralize free radicals.

    We are just starting to see return clients and are loving the results so far.  The colors are not fading as quickly as they had been, and we are so excited to see how the reds are doing.

    Come in and schedule an appointment and try out Redken!

    New year, new you.

    2012 - 01.11

    There is so much that happens during the holidays.  Holiday parties, food, family, and so much more.  It seems like a month of just non-stop events, and then when the new year hits there is just nothing.  The kids feel it, the parents feel it, all of us feel it.

    Here at the salon, the new year means a little bit of time on our hands to get the salon back together.  To clean up the holiday decorations and get ready for the upcoming year.  This year is filled with so many exciting events, and we hope to keep you informed of upcoming events at the salon.

    That brings us to the burning question, what are you doing for your hair today.  What products are you using in your hair?  What services are you having done at the salon that we can improve? What changes do you want to make to your hair over the next couple of months?  Do you have big events (weddings, senior class photos, prom, etc.) that we should be working towards?

    One of our guests came in yesterday and needed some refreshing with color.  The base color was perfect, but the ends had faded out.  Simply adding a toner to the last 15 minutes of her hair service was so beneficial to the overall color of her hair.

    Another guest asked on facebook what we could do to change her color, and we had a long conversation about the possibilities.  She has had all over color done recently and now she want to change to a reverse hombre style color.  She’s getting ready for some photos and wants to return to her blonde roots.

    These are some wonderful conversations to have, and wonderful services to offer.  It is so important that we keep our guests happy, and we look forward to each and every one of you coming back in the new year.  We want to hear from you, email us at info@alteredimagedurham.com for anything you need.


    2012 - 01.03

    We would like to congratulate Brad & Katie on their promotion.

    Their cuts now start at $35.00 and their chemical services will reflect the same adjustment.

    Way to go Katie and Brad!