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    We’ve been working hard…

    2012 - 04.17

    It’s been an amazing spring here at Altered IMage and we have been working hard.  Here’s just some of the work we have done recently.


    Attention to detail

    2012 - 03.10

    It’s all about the details.  Do you notice that this hair cut is two very different cuts?  Do you notice that there is an intentional line of demarcation in this hair color, and that there are actually three colors in the hair?  If the hair were styled differently, would you notice?L


    How would this hair cut work for you?  Could you take bits and pieces of each part of this cut or any other hair cut and apply it to your hair style?

    One guest came in and wants a specific cut and a specific look.  The front of the hair (from the ear forward) is cut completely differently then the back of the hair.  Both hair cuts are wonderful, but essentially they are two seperate and distinct cuts.  What is your style?  What defines you?  What do you want to do when you walk out of the salon?  Let us know what you want.



    2011 - 10.19

    One of the most exciting things that was talked about in the Redken show that I went to this weekend was that we are allowed to make mistakes.  I had no idea that that ws even possible in the hair styling world, a mistake?  What in the world is that?  I had never heard of admitting mistakes, especially on a stage.

    Mistakes happen, sometimes they happen in a small way and sometimes they happen in a big way.  We always try to correct any mistakes here at the salon, so if you are seeing that a color is fading too quickly or the color is looking a bit brassy or ashy, let us know.  Those are simple problems that can be fixed quickly.

    One of the biggest comments that we are seeing today is that colors are looking washed out and drab, a simple toner can help refresh the ends and give the color a luxurious shine.  If your colors are fading too quickly then let us know, we can add a chemistry system to help seal the hair after it is processed.

    One of the guests yesterday asked if we take pictures of the hair once it is finished so we can remember what we did for the next time.  This is such a common place where we make mistakes, it can be challenging to repeat the same exact hair cut again from one apppointment to the next.  There is always a difference, and please tell us i fthere is a noticeable difference that needs to be fixed.

    Above all, let us know what is going on with your hair.  It’s important to know what is working and what is not.  We appreciate the criticism as well as the praise.