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    Are you colors looking drab?

    2011 - 07.27

    Summertime always adds a level of extra maintenance to hair color.  Whether you are swimming in the pool, gardening or out at the beach, color tends to fade and the chemicals your hair are exposed to affect the color of your hair.  Here’s a few hair maintenance tips for the summer time:

    1. Pool time ususally means that your hair will be exposed to a variety of chemicals, which often cause ashy looking hair.  In order to protect your hair, you can either wear a swim cap (but who wants to wear one these days?) or you can gently run some conditioner through your hair before swimming.  The conditioner will not stay in the whole time, but it will provide some protection.  If you have already noticed your blondes are looking a little drab, then use a clarifying shampoo to strip the chlorine out.
    2. Sun time means that your browns and reds will fade quicker than usual.  Usually when you see some brassy tones coming out, your natural pigment is showing.  One way to combat the fade is to apply some conditioner whenever you go out in the sun, just a little bit will do.  While you are in the salon, we can offer Redken Chemistry System for color treated hair.  This system helps to close the cuticle and seals in the color, and will help slow down the process of color fading.  We can also pull your color through and refresh the ends, again maintenance is the key to keeping fresh looking color.

    Whether it’s by the pool, out in the garden, or just a simple walk, maintaining your hair is just as important as maintaining your skin.   If you have any questions about hair maintenance please feel free to talk to your stylist the nest time you come in.

    Fun 50s hairstyles

    2011 - 01.24

    We had a wonderful opportunity to style up four of our favorite ladies yesterday for a 1950’s themed open house.